VWI & ESTIEM Anniversary Kaiserslautern

28th Oct. - 1st Nov. 2015

celebrate with us

VWI/ESTIEM Local Group Kaiserslautern is going to celebrate its 30 years membership in VWI and its 25 years membership in ESTIEM from 28th Oct. until 1st Nov. 2015. That comes to a total of 55 years of membership in both networks that constitute our Local Group.

  • 50 participants

    from all over Europe

  • 4 days

    of pure excitement

  • Workshops and excursions

    with attractive companies

  • Have fun and party

    socialise with VWI and ESTIEM members


Anmeldung zur späteren Anreise
Anmledung für VWIler
Anmeldung für Alumni
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